About Us


… open minded
… reliably crazy
… very versatile
… sometimes serious
… mostly easy

Working with exceptional Artists is a great experience. Helping them to develop and achieve their creative and commercial vision just priceless.

Call it Artist Development, Music Production or Songwriting. We just love working with talented and highly motivated artists.

We bring in all of our passion experience and knowledge, whether working with artists on their music, creating a soundtrack or shooting an awesome music video.


Musician, Producer, Singer


Musician, Producer, Engineer



Name: Yanos

Profession: Composer, Audio Engineer, Producer

Age: … is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter

Plays: Guitar, Keys, Synths

Exp: Musician since 25 Years, Producer & Songwriter since 15 Years. Worked as a Mix-Engineer in Post Production for Theatre and TV for 7 years.

Visit: yanos.zeitime.com for more info

Name: Stefan

Profession: Musician, Singer, Producer

Age: I’m old enough I know what to do with my young feelings

Plays: Guitar, Voice, Keys

Exp: Nothing comes close to this. Nothing. I believe in the work, so I have to fight for its place.

At the end of the day I wait to see where I`ll be at the end of the day.
By  Dümas